11.5.12 - Seremban State Museum

We went to the Seremban State Museum, which was situated in Jalan Labu in Seremban. The museum is house in a building reflecting the Minangkabau architecture, with its unique shaped roofs. Admission is free.

Lovely lattice design

Inside the building, at the exhibition area on the ground floor, there is a 14th century human skeleton, displayed in a glass enclosure.

We went outdoors first to see the wooden buildings in their grounds. There was a tall replica of megalithic stones outside.

The boys were most fascinated by the cannons
The Istana Ampang and Rumah Minangkabau in the grounds

We found out that this was a former palace. It was formerly the royal residence in Negeri Sembilan. The building is nearly 150 years old and was built in Kuala Pilah and later on taken down and reassembled here. It was built without any nails. It's remarkable how the wood can last so long. 

Outside the palace
Inside the palace
A Negeri Sembilan house
Wooden fishing boats

A Negeri Sembilan house
The side view

11.5.12 - Seremban playground

In the morning, I brought the boys to a playground nearby, in the town. Seremban town is quite green. It has quite a number of parks with nice playgrounds and they all seemed to be under utilised. I hardly see anyone at the playgrounds, even in the evening.
This playground has an obstacle course, besides its usual slides and see-saws. 

I wish KL had such type of "obstacle course" playground equipment

Beside this playground, there is another bicycle area called "Laman Basikal". 

It has small roads with road signs and some children were learning the proper way to ride a bicycle using road signs.

Learning to cross the road at the zebra crossing
There was also a playground in there
Some of the beautiful trees over there. 

10.5.12 - Trip to Seremban

We went to Seremban for a couple of days tagging hubby who was organising a team building course there. We stayed at Allson Klana Resort in Seremban.

Checking out the hotel room

Interesting miniature rope course

In the evening, I brought the boys to the park, which was nearest to the hotel. It was nice being at the park, listening to the wind blowing through the trees. There was no one at the playground and only a few people jogging around the park.  

S played alone, while E fell asleep in the car and was still asleep at the park

The next day, they went swimming in the large pool. 

They made their play more creative by playing with a water bottle and pouring water into the "drain". 

8.5.12 - Ramp experiment

S went and conducted his own experiment to test which lego built vehicle that he made would go down the ramp faster.

8.5.12 - Preschool drama class

Listening to stories in their drama class. They love the class very much.

These are some of the turtles that live in the Sentul lake. We tried to feed them by throwing the breadcrumbs towards them, but the fishes were faster, and gobbled up their bread. Poor turtles!

8.5.12 - Ramp experiment

S went and conducted his own experiment to test which lego built vehicle that he made would go down the ramp faster.

7.5.12 - Assembling water hose reel

I bought a water hose with reel at Tesco and S was keen to assemble it. He could follow the visual instructions on the box. So, I left him at it, until he got stuck halfway and needed help to complete it. I too got confused at one point as the picture in the instructions was not clear.

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