30.3.12 - Books we read in March 2012

Below are the library books we borrowed and read in March 2012.

From PJ Community Library

From PJ Playcentre

From TTDI Community Library

From PSN Library

30.3.12 - Toy creations

Here's some of the toy creations by S.

The 2 pictures below are made using Lasy construction toy at a friend's house. Amazingly, I had never seen this toy before. I didn't know Lasy was around some 20 - 30 years ago. Looking back, I had played with so little toys then and nowadays kids have abundant choices. 

The other 3 pictures below are made using our non-lasy construction toy. I can clearly see the difference in quality. 

A transformer jet
The above jet transformed into this. 

29.3.12 - Balloon science experiment

The boys have been pestering me to do a baking soda vinegar balloon science experiment, which I have postponed for several days. They learnt it by watching a science show on CBeebies channel.

Items required:
1. Baking soda
2. Vinegar
3. Plastic bottle
4. Balloon
5. Funnel

All our measurements were estimations only.

Pour some vinegar into the bottle 
Pour 2 - 3 spoonfuls of baking soda into the balloon
Place the balloon onto the mouth of the bottle, and  hold up balloon so that the baking soda falls down into the vinegar below. This creates gas.  
The solution starts bubbling and creates gas which inflates the balloon.
We tried several times to inflate the balloon bigger. However, we couldn't get the balloon to inflate much. The above picture is the largest balloon that we inflated (which was rather small).

28.3.12 - The Twits play

We attended a play entitled "The Twits", which was an adaptation of Roald Dahl's book. I haven't read his book, so I had no idea what it was about. The play was held at MAPSKL, at Menara Kenchana Petroleum, beside Publika. The ticket charges were RM40 per adult and RM35 per child.

The coordination for seating was quite messy and chaotic and our group took some time to find our seats. There were some confusion as our group were told that we were seating in the front only to find that we were placed at the back.

Meanwhile, I gave the boys their sketch books and pen and they just sat there drawing while waiting for the play to start. It was good to see them so calm and unaffected by the surrounding chaos.

S drew an animal. 

Looks like some mummified cat monster
The play started finally. S could understand some of the jokes and laughed along. The play was rather long, over 1 hour and without a break. Towards the end, the boys were fidgeting and moving around waiting for the show to end.

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