28.11.11 - Colouring a frog

E wanted to colour a picture of a frog, so I googled up some images and he selected this picture. E coloured the frog, which he calls a "poisonous frog".

Coloured by E: 3 years 7 months

28.11.11 - Cycling at Kepong Metropolitan Park

We wanted to go cycling at Taman Botani Kepong, but was surprised when we were stopped by the security guards there who said that we were not allowed to cycle there. It was strange, as the last time I went there in April this year, I saw several cyclists there. It was also ironical that bicycles are not allowed in whereas cars and motorcycles can be allowed in. I even saw a tractor there the last time. It was also a shame, as it is a nice place in nature but we are not allowed to cycle there. So much for encouraging Malaysians to exercise.

So, we packed off and headed for Kepong Metropolitan Park instead. This time, there were many parking spaces and quite a number of people who wearing inline skates. There were several children cycling too. Fortunately there was a large place near the fountain where the children could cycle, in a large circle. The tarred road was not suitable because cars and motorcycles still passed by there.

Video of the boys cycling

After cycling, the boys went to the playground. This time, S is very confident and went playing whereas E was a little more reticent and it took some time for him to warm up and play at the playground. The last time we were here in February, S was still afraid to play at the playground whenever there are other children around. Previously, he was hesitant to climb this ladder, now he can climb it very fast (see video). Thank goodness his earlier hesitancy was just a passing phase and he has outgrown that phase. Looks like E is now at that phase. 

Video of S climbing

28.11.11 - Drawing a house, elephant and frog

Artwork by E: 3 years 7 months

E drew what he called a "Double storey house" to reflect where he lived in. Inside the house, there was a clock, a lamp, paintings on the wall, the kitchen with a frying pan, tables and chairs and bed. "There are flowers in the garden, which is far away," he asserted.

He drew these 2 elephants from observation. He looked at his tiny toy plastic elephant and drew it. For places that he wasn't sure how, I taught him to take his index finger, and trace around (outline) the plastic elephant. Then he drew the shape on the paper. Whenever he was unsure, he would trace his finger around the object. 

Can you guess what this is? It is an uncompleted frog from the front angle.  It certainly isn't easy to draw a frog. I tried to draw one myself but it turned out funny. 

25.11.11 - Drawing ships

25 November 2011
Artwork by S: 5 years 2 months

S drew some ships from memory on the whiteboard.

23.11.11 - Drawings people and flowers

The boys started to draw on the whiteboard and blackboard, after a long while of leaving it idle.

Drawn by S. Those are rain falling from the clouds. 

S drew the watering can on the left, watering the flowers, and the heart shapes too. E drew the flowers in blue and the people. 
E drew the sun and S drew the vehicle. 

23.11.11 - Lego creations

1) Lego creations by S
A crane with an arm that can rotate 360 degrees

Railway station with railway track

Transformer robots
Transformed back into a vehicle

2) Lego creations by E
A vehicle with track wheels

23.11.11 - Shooting ball

Our makeshift basketball hoop and net.

22.11.11 - Robotic Festival at PSN

We went to the Robotic Festival at Pusat Sains Negara. We had signed up for the "Fun with Ollo" workshop at 11.00 am.

We joined in some activities at the second floor before the workshop started. The boys joined in the activity to make robots from beaded clay. The clay were of various colours and could stick onto the PVC plastic. The boys didn't want to do much as they claimed that the clay was sticky and I had to complete it for them.
Robots from beaded clay
Making cardboard robot

"Fun with Ollo" workshop
It was quite challenging to make the Ollo robot because the parts were tiny and the drawings on the instruction manual was also quite small. I had to help the boys make the robot. 
We had to use a special device to put in the connector  to join 2 parts together or to pull it out 
The basic Ollo kit (the one that we used) was sold at RM150. It is made in Korea. I decided not to purchase it as the boys were still too young and the parts were too small for them to handle properly. I found it quite challenging to fix the parts as the connector part kept slipping or detaching itself. My hands were cold (from the air-cond), numb and painful at the end of the workshop.
Mesmerised by the moving robot

20.11.11 - Waterfall in FRIM

We had initially planned to go outstation but changed our plans and decided to stay back. We went to Sg. Kroh waterfall in FRIM and met up with a new friend and her two young children. Although it was the school holidays, the number of people there weren't too many and we still had a lot of space to ourselves. 
Playing with a float from empty mineral water bottles.
The boys decided to make a dam across the water. They went ahead to gather small rocks to put across the water. At first S took the rocks by hand. He said he could carry 4 rocks, 2 in each hand. Then he later had the idea to put the rocks in his bucket, and could carry more. The bucket was heavy but the carried it themselves. It was hard physical work, but they didn't complain and enjoyed the process.

Bottom right: Very proud of their completed dam. 
The landscape changes each visit.

20.11.11 - Painting toy house

S decided to paint his cardboard kampung house that he made during a Christmas workshop last year. He did everything by himself and was painting in a dark conrner (without switching on the lights). When I came downstairs, I was surprised to see him painting in the dark, in a corner, with utmost concentration.

19.11.11 - 'Angry bird' mask

E still did not want to sleep and expressed his anger by drawing a the scariest face he could draw. He called this "an angry bird mask" and tried to scare Daddy.

19.11.11 Coloring car

While S had already fallen asleep for the night, E still wasn't sleepy and decided to do some colouring. I think it is good for him to do some colouring before he sleeps as it keeps him calm and helps to expend some of his nervous energy.

18.11.11 - Fixing up a bookshelf

After the book sale, I took the opportunity to visit USL Educational Supplies on the second floor in The Summit shopping centre to get a bookshelf. This bookshelf costs RM99. I have been looking out for such a bookshelf for more than a year. There wasn't any sample of the ready book shelf in their showroom and I didn't know that the second and third row would were quite short.

The boys were enthusiastic about fixing it up and helped me to screw in the screws using an Allen key. 

Only smaller books can be kept in the second and third row, due to its height

18.11.11 - Educational CDs from Popular Warehouse Sale

I got the following CDs from the Popular Bookstore Warehouse Sale which is currently on at The Summit shopping centre until 28 November 2011. I found the children's books still expensive in comparison to Big Bad Wolf book sale. Thus, I only bought CDs from the Popular Warehouse Sale. The CDs were RM16 for 3 CDs (many varieties). On their yellow price label, the CDs were priced at RM6.90. But when I peeled the outer plastic wrapper, the inside price stated RM12.90 on the "Magic School Bus" CD and RM15.90 on the "Way Things Work" CD. Nearly 3 times the sale price.

The cashiers, being new, charged me the price that is printed on the yellow tag (before discount), although I told them about the promotional price of RM16 for 3 CDs. I nearly gave them my credit card, but fortunately, I was alert, having had the experience of being billed wrongly in a previous Popular Book fair sale. I told them (again) about the promotional price and that they had billed me wrongly. I believe that some others might not have noticed that they got billed wrongly. I had to wait around 20 minutes for them to rectify their mistake.
"The Way Things Work" CDs. RM16 for 3 CDs. RM32 per set of 6. I had been looking out for this set for a long time. 
Numberjack CDs. RM16 for 3 CDs
Magic School Bus CDs. RM16 for 3 CDs
Magic School Bus CDs (RM29.90 for this set of 5 CDs)
The CDs inside that set of 5
Other CDs. RM16 for 3 CDs
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