30.8.11 - Jusco 1 Utama new play area

We visited the recently opened Jusco at 1Utama shopping centre after it had completed its renovation. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is now a small play area at the children's section.

There was also a lego table with lego bits, similar to the ones we saw in Jakarta malls. It had been around 30 years since I last saw lego play tables in shopping centres in Malaysia. I hope these lego bits will still be around for a long time and don't go missing one by one. 

S made this vehicle
E made a plane

29.8.11 - Kota Laksamana Seafront

In the evening, we went out to Kota Laksamana seafront. The cleanliness of the place had deteriorated compared to the time we last went, a year ago. After a year, we found that grass had colonized the sand. E wanted to take off his shoe and walk on the sand, but I disallowed him as there were broken pieces of glass and debris and rubbish strewn on the sand. Not a safe place to go barefeet. Things were better and the place was cleaner a year ago.

We crossed the road to the field opposite were people were playing kites. We thought of getting a kite, but due to the Hari Raya long holiday, there weren't many choices of kites for sale there. So, we didn't get any.

An eagle kite 

There was rubbish strewn everywhere on the field. There were many satay sticks on the ground. The boys did the best of the situation by drawing in the sand with a plastic pick they found on the ground.  

29.8.11 - Playing guitar

The boys tried their hands on grandpa's guitar. 

With grandpa's antique guitar, which they said was old and dusty.  They preferred his newer electric guitar. 
E (3.5 years) has been showing interest in playing the guitar. I didn't know how to teach him as I don't know how to play the guitar. He said he wants to learn via YouTube. 

29.8.11 - Taman Botanikal Melaka

In the morning, we went to Taman Botanikal Melaka in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. It was formerly called Hutan Rekreasi Ayer Keroh (Air Keroh Recreational Forest).

There was an aquarium of large fishes behind this waterfall.

It was a nice stroll into the forest. 
Spider web
Ant hill
Only the facade of this Muzium Perhutanan looks nice. When we walked inside, it felt as though it were a ghost town. There weren't anyone there and the tables and chairs in the office looked old and abandoned. I wonder if it's still being used, as they seemed to be covered in dust. The rubbish bin was overturned and rubbish strewn on the floor. We quickly left the area.

And went next door to a more modern building....the Book Village (Kampung Buku). To our disappointment, it was closed, as it was a Monday. It didn't seem to house many books, but there were some on sale. 

So, we sat outside the building and had some biscuits...and then, off to the playground opposite.

After that, we walked over to the story garden, which had statues erected to depict popular children's stories. It had rained early in the morning before we arrived and the weather was cool in the area. However, the mosquitoes were ferocious with several buzzing around us, so we couldn't spend long in the place.

Story of the crow and the pitcher
The story of the mousedeer and crocodile.

The story of the hare and the tortoise

27.8.11 - Present from Grandpa

The boys got a present each from Grandpa and couldn't wait to try it out.

Oops, I forgot to take photo of the completed model.      

28.8.11 - Taman Seribu Bunga

We visited Taman Seribu Bunga (Garden of a Thousand Flowers) in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. We only had 45 minutes to spend there as it was nearing closing time in the evening. 

It's a nice park, but there weren't that many flowers as its name suggests. There were many ferocious mosquitoes and S' legs were attacked by them as I had forgotten to slather on the mosquito repellent for him before we entered the park. 
Cactus Garden

Fountain in the middle of a small pond

Taking the opportunity to run around a large field.
The white 'ball' on the right is a large mushroom. Several of these 'balls' were growing in the grass.  I put the hibiscus flower beside it just to compare the size. 

Then we came to a section where all the flowers were. 

It's a nice and large area. We plan to visit it again the next time we are in Melaka, just to enjoy the greenery and flowers.  

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