27.3.12 - Preschool drama class

First day of preschool drama class at KLPac in Sentul. It was held on a weekday morning over several weeks and those who attended were homeschoolers. It was raining when we arrived, so they donned their plastic raincoat that was bought from Daiso. However, the material was too thin (just like plastic), and got torn when E stepped on the bottom as it was too long for him.
Don't they look like yellow ghosts without legs?
The class was taught by Ms Kimmy who was very good with the kids.
Play acting

24.3.12 - Knight fancy dress costume

I bought a book on "I'm a Dragon Knight" from the Popular Book fair at IPC. It was RM9.90 and came with a story book a shield and helmet made from foam and a cape.

24.3.12 - Nemo and friends Edu-Craft session

Several weeks earlier, I had signed up the boys for a "Nemo and friends Edu-Craft session" at Popular book fair in IPC. I had no idea that it was based on the movie "Finding Nemo". The organisers (Viola Sdn Bhd) took a long time to start and kept announcing about the craft session, but very few people were interested. Many who registered didn't turn up and we were the first there. Furthermore, the tiny stage there couldn't accommodate many children and it was rather cramped. Before they started, they also screened an informative video clip about not eating shark fin soup and it kept repeating and repeating that I thought it would never start and the kids who were waiting were getting restless. E decided that he didn't want to take part as he found it too noisy. The huge speaker was right at the stage. Finally, they started with an ice-breaking game.

Playing an ice-breaking game at the start

At the beginning, the facilitator kept asking the children questions related to the the movie "Finding Nemo" and most of the children could answer correctly. Those who answered correctly were given a small notebook gift. My children had never seen "Finding Nemo" before, thus S could not understand what the lady was saying or asking. He tried his best and even put his hand up to answer a question related to the movie, but his answer was incorrect, obviously. I felt a little pity for him seeing his disappointment and him looking at all the children receiving their tokens (some children had 2 or 3) as they could answer the questions and wondered if I had done the right thing by enrolling him for the session. Fortunately, during the craft session, the facilitator sought out the few children (there were 3) who could not answer correctly, and gave them a small notebook too.
There was a puppet show to impart the message of not eating shark fin soup. 
Listening to instructions on how to make the pencil holder craft

The completed craft

23.3.12 - Climbing at the playground

We went to the playground in the evening. I was surprised that the boys were brave enough to climb up the slide and all the way over the monkey bar. In the past, they had only climbed 2 steps and then backed off.  I would credit it to the weekly gymnastics class that they have been attending for over a month. Initially, during the gym class, they would learn a new skill and then practice and when they do it well, they gain more and more confidence. All that jumping, tumbling and balancing gave them more confidence.

They went over the monkey bars to the other side.  

S climbed up to the top of the slide and went into the slide from the top. I also suggested that they find another way to use the slide and they slid down on their bellies instead.   

23.3.12 - Making a cardboard fire truck

The kids made a fire truck from cardbox during the playgroup at Aunty J's house. It's a simple version where the kid can sit or rather squeeze, inside the box. My boys preferred me to cut a hole through the bottom so they can wear the box instead, like the one I had made them earlier, in 2009. See earlier post here.

S drew this steering wheel
Ladder made from ice cream sticks

21.3.12 - Art class (session 3)

This is session 3 of the boys' art classes at Balai Seni Visual Negara.  In the beginning, the kids were asked to design stamps.
Top row: Stamps drawn by S
Bottom row: Stamps drawn by E
Stamp drawn by E who's turning 4
After drawing stamps, they had a break and continued with drawing. They were given freedom to draw whatever they wished
S joined the older girls and they decorated a piece of paper together. 
E drew a car racing like the wind
A treasure map. X marks the spot. 

20.3.12 - Lego creations

S made this lego robot holding a gun shooting fire.

18.3.12 - Magnetic toy

I bought this magnetic toy at the Jaya Jusco sale. It was 70% off its original price of RM69.90.

They managed to  complete making toy as per instruction. 
Later, they modified their toy and created this on their own, without any references - a cube
And a cube with a pyramid on top

Watching the balls move by putting a magnet under it

18.3.12 - Coloring contest at Times Bookstore

When we were at Times Bookstore in Citta Mall, I noticed a poster that they would be having a colouring contest in conjunction with World Book Day that afternoon itself. I had asked the boys whether they wanted to take part in a colouring contest, and they said that they wanted. Thus, after the storytelling session, they took part in the colouring contest which was held from 3 pm - 4 pm. Participants were required to use Pelikan products, so I bought a box of colour pencils at the bookstore. 

They took part in the 4 - 6 year old category. They were given a picture of The Lorax to colour. It was a good thing that they had watched The Lorax and enjoyed the movie, so they were motivated to colour it.  

Amusingly, the boys thought it was a contest to see who could complete the picture the fastest, so E tried to complete it as fast as he could.  I was very proud that E who is turning 4 soon managed to finish colouring his picture. At one point he got tired and impatient and nearly gave up. I encouraged him to complete his colouring and he just simply completed his picture and was the first one to submit it. To me, it is not the prize or winning that matters. To be able to sit down for 45 minutes and to complete their colouring is already an achievement. 

He shaded his picture using 2 or 3 tones. He took nearly an hour to complete his picture. 
He won a consolation prize. 
The prizes that he won. 

18.3.12 - Storytelling at Times Bookstore

We went for a storytelling session by Julia Gabriel centre. It was held at Times Bookstore in Citta Mall, Ara Damansara.

The title of the story was Mr. Gumpy's outing by John Burningham

16.3.12 - 'Glass Painting' on plastic photo frames

The boys did some "glass painting" on plastic photo frames. They used special glass deco colours which came in small tubes with a sharp pointed tip. Just squeeze it to get the colours out. It is easier to use this than to use a paintbrush to paint the colours, as the picture is very small.

After drying, it looks like this. S painted the one on the left and E painted the one on the right. 

16.3.12 - Making a dinosaur paper sculpture

We attended a paper sculpture making class conducted by Fong in Subang Jaya. We made a 3-legged dinosaur sculpture using newspaper,  white paper, thin wire, masking tape and cardboard. It was held over 3 different days in a week and we spent a few more hours at home doing the final touches.  As making the frame was more complicated, I helped the boys with it, but S was the one who decided on the shape and size. They loved doing art and crafts. 

First, the frame is made with rolled-up newspaper and taped together with masking tape and wire.  Cardboard was added for the spiky spine. Masking tape was pasted all over the wire to avoid it from rusting.
Painting glue
Painting glue and sticking white paper to cover the whole body. 
After it has dried, the boys painted it with poster colours. 

2 layers of lacquer was applied to preserve the sculpture. 
After that, S drew patterns on it with marker pen. It was a little difficult to get a smooth flow of ink using the marker pen. When we returned home, S used OHP pens which had a smoother flow of ink.  
A few more hours was spent putting final touches - sticking glitter and decorating the body

Finally, it is completed. 

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