10.1.12 - Fun with Robots

We attended a "Fun with Robots" workshop at Pusat Sains Negara. We were provided with lego NX kit for the duration of the workshop. We were told that the kits costs RM1500 each 

Parts of the lego NX kit which the children had to assemble together

I was amazed that even little E at 3 years 9 months could understand the instructions fast and assembled the robot quickly. I only helped the boys out with the programming, which was slightly confusing, but I slowly got the hang of it. 

Trying out their robot
Press the orange button and it will move

We did several types of programming, including using the ultrasonic sensor and touch sensor. For the ultrasonic sensor, the robot will move when we clap our hands near it.

Watch videos:

4.1.12 - Park

We went to the neighbourhood park in the evening.

S can now throw a frisbee
E learning addition with flowers

2.1.12 - Hair gel bag for toddlers

I came across this gel bag for toddlers on several websites such as this.

Items required:

  1. Hair gel
  2. Food colouring
  3. Ziplock bag (bought at Daiso)

Squirt hair gel into the ziploc bag
Add food colouring

The boys didn't want to write or draw much with it, claiming that it was difficult to write. (Maybe we didn't use enough gel). S, as usual, thinking out of the box overlapped both colours and said that it looked like space.

He placed his lego "space rover" into space

After playing with it several times, we found that the bag had worn out a little due to rough usage.
Perhaps this activity would be suitable for the younger toddlers.

1.1.12 - To the waterfall again

It was the New Year's Day and we decided to go to the Sg. Kroh waterfall in FRIM, Kepong. Entrance fee is RM5 for car and driver and every additional adult is RM1. On the way in, we stopped by a small playground.

Melaka house - but it was closed that day. Must try again on another day.

When we reached the waterfall area, we were surprised to find the whole place inundated with water. The landscape had changed again. It was surprising as it hadn't rain in the past few days. 

We had to wade through the ankle length high water to get to the grassy area. 

The boys were busy trying to plug the gaps in the well / (dam?). It didn't work. 
On the way back, we spotted this strange furry white creature moving about. We think it is a spider. 

30.12.11 - Lego creations

The boys made the following lego creations:
S drew the parts and steps to make a lego vehicle. 
A fort, maybe?
Back view
This "robot" can transform

Different angles

E made the following 2 vehicles

29.12.11 - Taman Jaya Park & Petaling Jaya Museum

This is our first visit to Taman Jaya Park. When I was a little girl, my mother used to bring me to Taman Jaya Park. I believe some of the playground equipment were from from last time - 25 - 30 years ago. They looked familiar to me.

Collecting saga seeds
We came across the Petaling Jaya Museum. It was a small museum. Entrance is free. 

Rubber seeds - I haven't seen this in ages

Petaling Jaya Museum
Situated at Taman Jaya (Opposite Amcorp Mall)
Opening hours: 9 am - 5 pm daily
Closed: Fridays
Admission: Free

28.12.11 - Pirate Adventure book

I had bought this book at Big Bad Wolf sale last year. It came with press out boards for the children to affix and play. The boys played for awhile, then got frustrated because some parts were too loose and kept falling off. We had to affix it with glue.

28.12.11 - Painting at the park

This is the first time we are doing painting in the park. I loaned him my artists watercolour paints, palette and paintbrush. I find that it makes a whole lot of difference in the result of his painting when he uses professional materials.

He drew an army tank in the forest
I verbally guided him on how to paint. This is using wet-on-wet watercolour. He painted the sky by painting water all over the sky area, then dabbing blue paint on top.  
Dabbing green paint for leaves. I taught him to observe the trees in the park. He was surprised to see that the trees have specks of orange, yellow and light green leaves, instead of just being flat green. This is the first time he is painting using this method of dabbing. It reminds me of the pointilism method of painting. He seems to have a flair for it. I will teach him pointilism when he is older.  
He seems to have fairly good control of the brush

"Army tank in the forest" in watercolour, by S (5 years 3 months)

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