19.3.11: Hot air balloon - craft

After we got back from the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, the boys wanted to make a hot air balloon craft. I didn't know how to go about making it, so I googled it up and found this website with clear instructions. So, I took the 2 balloons that were lying around the house and the boys painted it with glue.

Sticking the paper kitchen towels. 

Painting the balloon
His balloon broke while he was painting it. Poor thing!
Completed and hung from a hanging lamp. The basket was made with a yoghurt cup, which was glued with parcel string.The boys put a small man inside the basket. 

19.3.11: 3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011

We went to see the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya. It was quite far away and was an hours drive from our place. We arrived at 9.15 am on Sunday morning, but found the place filled with people and it was difficult to get a parking spot as the area was congested. Some people parked their cars indiscriminately and blocked access inside the car park itself. Thus, we together with several other cars in front of us got "stuck" in the parking lot for 20 minutes.  

The balloons were majestic. There were about 5 tethered balloons. The queue that morning was about 20 - 30 people long. We didn't bother to go for the balloon ride, as there was a minimum height requirement. 

We had expected to see various types of designs but only saw a Doraemon shaped hot air balloon from our car while we were heading there. My sister went to see the night show and saw all the different shaped hot air balloons except one. 

There were many booths set up there which was filled with various activities. 

Remote controlled boat
Wall climbing. Actually the person pulls the climber up the wall. He's not really climbing it.
Not sure what this is called. It seems there was someone flying with a child up there.

Flying in formation. Beautiful. 
I think this is called "Zorbing". People rolling around inside gigantic balls on the lake. 
There's a zip in there. The people step in through the opened zipper then it was zipped back and inflated into a ball. 
The long queue of people lining up for the zorbing. 
My boys were amused to see people wearing these gigantic balls and bumping into each other.  
There are people inside each of these balls. They were rolled up the slope and then released to roll down the slope.

16.3.11: Coloring contest @ National Science Centre

The boys love coloring and I registered them in this coloring contest at the National Science Centre. It was just to get them used to the discipline of completing a work within a stipulated time and learning to be independent.

 E was underaged as the age group was 4 - 6 and he was not even 3 years old yet. 

E was the first to finish his coloring and finished it in record time. He decided to draw some water at the bottom and coloured it blue. 

I didn't wait for the results, as the other children were still colouring, and it would take an hour or so. Moreover the boys were tired and if we waited for an additional hour, we would have gotten stuck in the traffic jam. So, I decided to leave, which was a good thing, as they were so tired, they immediately fell asleep in the car. 

16.3.11: Making a Robot Bug

At 2.00 pm, we went for this activity to "Make a Robot Bug" at Level 2. We had to purchase the kit first at RM5.00.

It looks easy, but I found it quite challenging. I had not used these devices since I was in Form 3 and had forgotten about how wiring works. The facilitator taught us step by step, but at one point, I found myself 'lost' somewehere. She gave me an instruction manual, but the instruction manual was not clear and the pictures were dark and not sharp. There was also a switch missing from our kit, and the facilitator promptly replaced it.

The facilitator helped us, and finally detected why it wouldn't light up. She changed the wire position, and the LED light resembling the eyes, lighted up. Then she couldn't figure out why the bug wouldn't move and got her assistant to help. He fiddled with it for 15 minutes, then finally managed to get it done. After that, we hurried on to the colouring contest, which was due to start at 3 pm. 

Quite flimsily done and only stuck with cellotape which weren't strong enough.

The ladybug moves around and around

Back home, I stuck it it with double sided tape so that it was stronger. However, E kept switching the switchon and off and unstuck the switch from the CD and so I had to stick it again. After a short while of playing with it, the motor died and wouldn't turn again. I must figure out where to buy the motor to replace the spoilt one. 

Anyway, it was quite interesting to be able to make this robot bug and I plan to send them to other robotics workshops when they are older.

16.3.11 - Dinos Alive Exhibition @ National Science Centre

We were at the National Science Centre yesterday, when I came across the schedule of activities for the school holidays. They had the theme "Festival with the Dinosaurs" and had several activities during the school holiday period. I saw that they had a "Build a Robot Bug" activity, and decided to bring my boys to join in the next day. As it was part of the Dinosaur Festival programme, we had to pay the entrance fees for the Dinos Alive exhibition. It was RM10 for adults and RM5 for children (age 4 - 17 years).

We arrived at 12.45 pm and fortunately got a parking spot near to the main building of the National Science Centre. The place was packed with children and adults and very, very noisy, as the science centre also played loud 'dinosaur' noises. It was very jarring to the ears. I personally felt that it was too loud for comfort and not conducive for children. I guess, they wanted to create the 'atmosphere' by increasing the volume.

We went to Level 2 to see the dinosaur exhibition. However, the boys refused to enter. They felt scared as the venue was dark and was filled with loud dinosaur noises. Hence, I went in alone and just snapped some photographs and later showed them the pictures.

After that, the boys played at the kiddie zone at the ground floor.

Then, we went for the activity to "Make a Robot Bug" which was held at Level 2. 

15.3.11: Creating vehicles from toys

S loves creating vehicles with his brick toys. Sometimes, he will make them into "transformer" toys, and pretend that they can transform into another vehicle. 

S wanted me to take the picture of his car from all angles. 
The front
The side
The back

A "transformer" robot
A crane
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