Cherating - Day 2

After leaving the turtle sanctuary, we walked behind the place, trying to find out what that interesting looking wooden house nearby was. We soon found ourselves at the entrance to the famed Club Med in Cherating. 

The boys picked up flowers that had fallen to the ground. 
We just hung around at the beach there, as the security guard didn't allow outsiders to enter Club Med. 
We found several crab holes at the beach.
We returned to the resort and the children played with this bubble balloon. It's from a tube of transparent "paste" that must be squeezed out and put on a tiny straw and blown up into a bubble. I haven't seen this around in more than 30 years.I thought it had been banned.

In the evening, we drove to the next state, Kemaman in Terengganu and had dinner there. We bought a bunch of bananas, but it was expensive compared to the price in KL. 
The sky was filled with angry, dark clouds when we were driving back and started pouring just as we arrived back at the resort.
After the rain, it was cooling and the pesky flies were gone. My boys played with their friends, and all the boys were bonded over iPad games. 

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