Jigsaw Puzzles

S is now 2 years 6 months and his favourite activity at the moment, besides playing with his toy cars and truck, is doing jigsaw puzzles. I bought a set of 6 jigsaw puzzles with different number of pieces, i.e. 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 21 pieces. Thinking that it was still too difficult for him, I got him some wooden knobbed puzzles. He was interested in them only for 2 weeks. The wooden knobbed puzzles were too easy for him. After that I handed out the puzzles to him, one per day. Initially he asked me to fix it for him. Then, he would dismantle the jigsaw puzzle and start doing it again. He did that again and again for more than 20 times that night. The next day, he could do it by himself. And he continued with more and more difficult jigsaw puzzles.

I was surprised when he could do the 21 piece jigsaw puzzle by himself. He just loves doing them and has been working on the puzzles immediately when he wakes up and just before he goes to sleep. He has to complete the whole set of 6 puzzles, before he goes to sleep. And he sleeps with the puzzle near him and sometimes on his stomach. He can really concentrate when doing the puzzles. He does get frustrated sometimes when he couldn't find the correct location, but with encouragement, he quickly overcomes it and completes the puzzle. After 2 weeks, he is adept at completing the puzzles quickly. Whenever I need some time alone to do my work, I ask him to complete the puzzles. 

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