Penang Butterfly Farm

We visited the Penang Butterfly Farm on 22 June 2010. It was a 45 minutes drive from Bayan Lepas and another 1 hour drive back.

It was still wet from the rain the previous day. In fact, it was raining practically the whole day and night the day before. Senior citizens were charged 50% off the entrance fee. The last time I went there, I was 14 years old. Over 2 decades ago. It had seemed like such a magical place, when you're a 14-year old. Now, sadly, that "magical feeling" is gone and it isn't as interesting as I thought as it would be. There weren't as many species of butterflies as claimed. 
Butterfly on his shirt
In addition, S didn't seem to have any affinity with the butterflies, surprisingly, and wanted to go back, right from the moment we arrived. Fortunately, I managed to calm him and distract him with the other bugs in an exhibit room. E had no problems, though. The butterflies loved him. One even landed on his shirt.

Anyway, they did bring back some memories of the place. They saw a snail, caterpillars, bugs, king crabs, and an old turtle, besides the butterflies. E would always mention about the butterfly that landed on his shirt.

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