4.4.12 - Of birthdays and presents

These are the presents that they received from their aunt S - A large Finn McMissile which is able to shoot missiles and a Hot Wheels Switch and Spray gadget for Colour Shifters.

Dangers of giving them toys as presents - since then, whenever she comes to visit, they would call on her to buy them toys, which hubby and I don't encourage as we don't want to raise narcissistic children. We try to teach them the concept of delayed gratification, which will be important when they grow up. It's still difficult at this age whenever they see some of their friends having toys that they don't have. 

This is also the reason why we only have a small birthday celebration with the family. We don't want to encourage the sense of entitlement as they expect to receive gifts on their birthday. I grew up in a family which doesn't practice celebrating birthdays. I only had 3 birthdays being celebrated, one at 5, one at 12 and one at 18. The rest of the years, my mother would cook mee sua (symbolic for longevity) and red eggs. Kids are so different nowadays. Now, my boys have started asking me, "Why don't we receive presents on our birthday?" They can't comprehend it as they attended some friends birthdays and see their friends receiving presents. 

If I do organise a birthday celebration for them in the future, it may be one without toys as presents.  

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