I have been on a 2-months + hiatus from updating my blog and am a few months backwards in my postings. Reason is I do not have much time any more. Our Indonesian domestic helper has left us for good after 3 years with us, as she needed to take care of her own children back home and her father is very ill. Her sister doesn't want to take care of her kids any more, so she has to return. 

Since she left in early March, I find that I do not have much time to update my blog and to juggle my therapy work, household chores, cooking, cleaning, care of the kids and ferrying them for activities, so I've left the blog for some time. We're not taking in any new domestic live-in helper, not even a part-timer, so we're trying to manage with technological gadgets. 

I also have cut down on field trips for the kids, and only join in whenever I have the time. Meanwhile, I hope to be able to keep my blog up to date with our current activities. 

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