Gurney Drive food court disappointment

The Gurney Drive food court has been overrated and pretty disappointing. When we were there in June 2010, we found that the food in Gurney Drive was expensive, not tasty and below our expectations as compared to the same type of food sold in KL.  

Even the Penang Kueh Teow that is sold in KL tastes much better. The wanton mee was watery and the mee was coarse. The one in KL was finer and tastier.

Clockwise: Pasembur rojak, popiah and pie tee 
We were also shocked that a plate of Pasembur Rojak costs RM7. The person selling it was so stingy that he didn't want to give me a spare polysterine plate. How much does it cost? Less that RM0.05. The pie tee was nice and crispy, but very expensive. The only interesting thing was the Banana juice, that I hadn't heard of, before this. E loved that Banana Juice. 

Suffice to say, we've have learnt our lesson, and will not visit this Gurney Drive Food Court ever again.

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