1.1.12 - To the waterfall again

It was the New Year's Day and we decided to go to the Sg. Kroh waterfall in FRIM, Kepong. Entrance fee is RM5 for car and driver and every additional adult is RM1. On the way in, we stopped by a small playground.

Melaka house - but it was closed that day. Must try again on another day.

When we reached the waterfall area, we were surprised to find the whole place inundated with water. The landscape had changed again. It was surprising as it hadn't rain in the past few days. 

We had to wade through the ankle length high water to get to the grassy area. 

The boys were busy trying to plug the gaps in the well / (dam?). It didn't work. 
On the way back, we spotted this strange furry white creature moving about. We think it is a spider. 

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