22.12.11 - Trip to Port Dickson

We went for a 3D/2N trip to Port Dickson and stayed at Palm Springs apartment. We met up with a friend who had moved to Port Dickson who invited my boys over for a playdate with her homeschooled children. We all went to the beach that night. It was quite dark save for some some lights at a building nearby.
The children made a campfire from the branches and twigs at the beach
The hermit crabs came out at night. This is the first time I'm seeing hermit crab out in the open. There were many there, all moving about in the distance. When we approached them, they stayed still.
Teamwork - Hermit crab hunting
The hermit crabs collected. They were all released back to the beach after that. 

The next day, we met up again and the children made a campfire. The fire kept dying as the younger children threw sand at it, thinking that it would keep the fire going. Furthermore, the firewood that we took from our park were slightly large and damp and it was difficult to burn. 

Making a campfire
E followed his brother S and poured sand over the fallen tree trunk, to "save" the tree from being burnt. 

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