28.12.11 - Painting at the park

This is the first time we are doing painting in the park. I loaned him my artists watercolour paints, palette and paintbrush. I find that it makes a whole lot of difference in the result of his painting when he uses professional materials.

He drew an army tank in the forest
I verbally guided him on how to paint. This is using wet-on-wet watercolour. He painted the sky by painting water all over the sky area, then dabbing blue paint on top.  
Dabbing green paint for leaves. I taught him to observe the trees in the park. He was surprised to see that the trees have specks of orange, yellow and light green leaves, instead of just being flat green. This is the first time he is painting using this method of dabbing. It reminds me of the pointilism method of painting. He seems to have a flair for it. I will teach him pointilism when he is older.  
He seems to have fairly good control of the brush

"Army tank in the forest" in watercolour, by S (5 years 3 months)

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