16.3.12 - Making a dinosaur paper sculpture

We attended a paper sculpture making class conducted by Fong in Subang Jaya. We made a 3-legged dinosaur sculpture using newspaper,  white paper, thin wire, masking tape and cardboard. It was held over 3 different days in a week and we spent a few more hours at home doing the final touches.  As making the frame was more complicated, I helped the boys with it, but S was the one who decided on the shape and size. They loved doing art and crafts. 

First, the frame is made with rolled-up newspaper and taped together with masking tape and wire.  Cardboard was added for the spiky spine. Masking tape was pasted all over the wire to avoid it from rusting.
Painting glue
Painting glue and sticking white paper to cover the whole body. 
After it has dried, the boys painted it with poster colours. 

2 layers of lacquer was applied to preserve the sculpture. 
After that, S drew patterns on it with marker pen. It was a little difficult to get a smooth flow of ink using the marker pen. When we returned home, S used OHP pens which had a smoother flow of ink.  
A few more hours was spent putting final touches - sticking glitter and decorating the body

Finally, it is completed. 

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