24.3.12 - Nemo and friends Edu-Craft session

Several weeks earlier, I had signed up the boys for a "Nemo and friends Edu-Craft session" at Popular book fair in IPC. I had no idea that it was based on the movie "Finding Nemo". The organisers (Viola Sdn Bhd) took a long time to start and kept announcing about the craft session, but very few people were interested. Many who registered didn't turn up and we were the first there. Furthermore, the tiny stage there couldn't accommodate many children and it was rather cramped. Before they started, they also screened an informative video clip about not eating shark fin soup and it kept repeating and repeating that I thought it would never start and the kids who were waiting were getting restless. E decided that he didn't want to take part as he found it too noisy. The huge speaker was right at the stage. Finally, they started with an ice-breaking game.

Playing an ice-breaking game at the start

At the beginning, the facilitator kept asking the children questions related to the the movie "Finding Nemo" and most of the children could answer correctly. Those who answered correctly were given a small notebook gift. My children had never seen "Finding Nemo" before, thus S could not understand what the lady was saying or asking. He tried his best and even put his hand up to answer a question related to the movie, but his answer was incorrect, obviously. I felt a little pity for him seeing his disappointment and him looking at all the children receiving their tokens (some children had 2 or 3) as they could answer the questions and wondered if I had done the right thing by enrolling him for the session. Fortunately, during the craft session, the facilitator sought out the few children (there were 3) who could not answer correctly, and gave them a small notebook too.
There was a puppet show to impart the message of not eating shark fin soup. 
Listening to instructions on how to make the pencil holder craft

The completed craft

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