18.3.12 - Coloring contest at Times Bookstore

When we were at Times Bookstore in Citta Mall, I noticed a poster that they would be having a colouring contest in conjunction with World Book Day that afternoon itself. I had asked the boys whether they wanted to take part in a colouring contest, and they said that they wanted. Thus, after the storytelling session, they took part in the colouring contest which was held from 3 pm - 4 pm. Participants were required to use Pelikan products, so I bought a box of colour pencils at the bookstore. 

They took part in the 4 - 6 year old category. They were given a picture of The Lorax to colour. It was a good thing that they had watched The Lorax and enjoyed the movie, so they were motivated to colour it.  

Amusingly, the boys thought it was a contest to see who could complete the picture the fastest, so E tried to complete it as fast as he could.  I was very proud that E who is turning 4 soon managed to finish colouring his picture. At one point he got tired and impatient and nearly gave up. I encouraged him to complete his colouring and he just simply completed his picture and was the first one to submit it. To me, it is not the prize or winning that matters. To be able to sit down for 45 minutes and to complete their colouring is already an achievement. 

He shaded his picture using 2 or 3 tones. He took nearly an hour to complete his picture. 
He won a consolation prize. 
The prizes that he won. 

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