1.2.11: Transformers

The boys are now into Transformers. I have no interest in such robots. It must be a boy thing. When I was a little girl, I had no interest in robots at all, and surprisingly not even dolls. It was just books, for me.

I think he learnt about Bumblebee transformers during his former preschool years last year. His teacher provided them with a shirt that had a bumblebee transformer on it for their school concert. I had never shown them any transformers, yet he managed to find it on youtube and now constantly asks me to type in "Bumbleebee transformer" on youtube.

For the past week, S has been pestering me to make him a Bumbleebee transformer costume for him. I am reluctant as I don't know how to do it despite looking at some of the costumes on the internet.  It looks quite complicated and I don't want to start something halfway and not finish it, as the boys would be disappointed.

S:    "Mummy, can you make me a Bumblebee costume"
Me: "I don't know how."
S:    "You must try, mummy".

He went on and 'made' a costume himself by putting 3 cardboard boxes together.

S also made some 'transformers' with his toys.

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