4.2.11: Malacca Butterfly Garden and Reptile Sanctuary - Part 2

When we walked out from the Koi pond, I thought it was the end, but there were still many animals to see. We saw bearcats, Malayan Gharial and Arapaima fishes 

Then there were birds. 

And finally snakes. Many, many snakes. Better than I've ever seen in zoos. 

And finally - insects.

I find that this place has much more variety as there are many animals, insects - reptiles, birds, snakes, fishes, that it shouldn't just be named Taman Rama-Rama. There weren't many butterflies, but the other varieties of animals more than made up for the lack of it. I find that it is much better than our visit to the Penang Butterfly Farm and Zoo Negara.   

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