4.2.11: Malacca Butterfly Garden and Reptile Sanctuary - Part 1

After watching 20 minutes of Lion Dance at Philea Spa and Resort nearby, we drove to the Malacca Butterfly Garden and Reptile Sanctuary. Tickets were RM8 per adult and RM5 per child. Their price has increased from the earlier RM5 per adult and RM3 per child several months ago. Not sure if this increase is permanent or just because it was the Chinese New Year season. 

Entrance to the venue
As we walked up the steps, we saw these birds.

Nearby, was an enclosure which house the reptiles below. Not sure what their names were as there weren't any signs, although I looked all around for the name. This man was giving them water to drink by spraying their mouths individually with water. I wondered, "Don't they know how to drink water on their own?" 

E saw this statue of a red indian warrior and immediately recognised it, just like the red indian drawing that he saw in his 'Danny and the Dinosaur Treasury' book. 

We then went to the Butterfly garden. The boys were chanting, "Butterfly, butterfly, come to me" and tried to get a butterfly to land on them. It was quite tough as there weren't that many butterflies around, compared to the Penang Butterfly Farm. At one point, S felt dejected as the butterfly wouldn't come to him.

He asked, "Mummy, why won't the butterfly come to me?" 
I replied, "You must sit still and be patient, then the butterfly will come to you".

At last they managed to get a tame butterfly.....

S' interest in butterflies has totally changed compared to 7 months ago when we went to the Penang Butterfly Farm. He is now very interested in butterflies and wants to hold the butterfly. Previously, when he first entered the Penang Butterfly Farm, he turned clingy, and wanted to leave and wasn't interested at all. He has transformed, and I'm glad to see the positive changes in several months.

Finally, S found a tame butterfly. The butterfly stayed with him for quite a long time, until he got tired of it and decided to part ways.

S and his butterfly.
After that, we walked through the 'insect cave', a man-made cavelike environment which houses some scorpions, and other insects. 

We saw these giant milipedes when we emerged from the cave.

Then we headed for the koi pond. It had many koi fishes. There was also a 'cave' behind the waterfall. S and I slowly walked over the large rocks in the water to get to the opening of the 'cave' in the middle of the pond, just near the waterfall.

The boys rested for awhile on the bench beside the koi pond, nibbling their cookies. After that, we made our way to the exit. On the way we passed these tortoises. 

Star tortoise

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