30.1.11: Making cupcakes

We made these tiny cupcakes. It was easier and faster to bake these tiny cupcakes, compared to the larger ones. With the larger ones, I find that although it is baked on the outside, it is still not baked, on the inside.
It contained a lot of ground almond and chocolate sprinkles.

After eating some cupcakes, that evening, I found that E started to have spots on his body, especially his legs. I wasn't sure if it was the almond or the peanuts that he ate the day before or whether it was Roseola. He had Roseola when he was just 6 months old. Previously, when I made almond milk, he started itching on his body. So, I stopped making almond milk. The spots went away after 4 days. I figured that he may be allergic to nuts.

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