16.3.11: Making a Robot Bug

At 2.00 pm, we went for this activity to "Make a Robot Bug" at Level 2. We had to purchase the kit first at RM5.00.

It looks easy, but I found it quite challenging. I had not used these devices since I was in Form 3 and had forgotten about how wiring works. The facilitator taught us step by step, but at one point, I found myself 'lost' somewehere. She gave me an instruction manual, but the instruction manual was not clear and the pictures were dark and not sharp. There was also a switch missing from our kit, and the facilitator promptly replaced it.

The facilitator helped us, and finally detected why it wouldn't light up. She changed the wire position, and the LED light resembling the eyes, lighted up. Then she couldn't figure out why the bug wouldn't move and got her assistant to help. He fiddled with it for 15 minutes, then finally managed to get it done. After that, we hurried on to the colouring contest, which was due to start at 3 pm. 

Quite flimsily done and only stuck with cellotape which weren't strong enough.

The ladybug moves around and around

Back home, I stuck it it with double sided tape so that it was stronger. However, E kept switching the switchon and off and unstuck the switch from the CD and so I had to stick it again. After a short while of playing with it, the motor died and wouldn't turn again. I must figure out where to buy the motor to replace the spoilt one. 

Anyway, it was quite interesting to be able to make this robot bug and I plan to send them to other robotics workshops when they are older.

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