16.3.11: Coloring contest @ National Science Centre

The boys love coloring and I registered them in this coloring contest at the National Science Centre. It was just to get them used to the discipline of completing a work within a stipulated time and learning to be independent.

 E was underaged as the age group was 4 - 6 and he was not even 3 years old yet. 

E was the first to finish his coloring and finished it in record time. He decided to draw some water at the bottom and coloured it blue. 

I didn't wait for the results, as the other children were still colouring, and it would take an hour or so. Moreover the boys were tired and if we waited for an additional hour, we would have gotten stuck in the traffic jam. So, I decided to leave, which was a good thing, as they were so tired, they immediately fell asleep in the car. 

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