15.3.11: National Science Centre

We went to the National Science Centre. It was the school holidays and it was difficult to get parking inside the National Science Centre compound itself, unlike the normal days. After looking around for a parking spot in futile, we turned out and asked the security guard where to park. He asked us to park at the parking lot opposite and walk over the overhead bridge to get to NSC. That parking lot also belonged to the NSC.

It was quite a distance to the main building. We saw these dinosaurs from the overhead bridge.

I like this smiley dinosaur with many teeth.

Outside the entrance, we saw this blue bus. It is a mobile science centre bus. The coordinators there welcomed us to board the bus. 

Exhibits inside the bus

He pretended that he was a frog and went on top of all the different coloured 'rocks'. 

Stand on this and spin around
There were so few butterflies this time, compared to the last time that we went. I didn't even see any Rajah Brooke butterfly, whereas I saw around 5 the last time. S went and asked the facilitator at the Nature Secrets Lab what butterflies eat. He replied that they drank nectar from flowers and were also given honey to consume.
Butterfly pupas.
Can you spot the horned frog? It is so cute

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