19.3.11: 3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011

We went to see the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya. It was quite far away and was an hours drive from our place. We arrived at 9.15 am on Sunday morning, but found the place filled with people and it was difficult to get a parking spot as the area was congested. Some people parked their cars indiscriminately and blocked access inside the car park itself. Thus, we together with several other cars in front of us got "stuck" in the parking lot for 20 minutes.  

The balloons were majestic. There were about 5 tethered balloons. The queue that morning was about 20 - 30 people long. We didn't bother to go for the balloon ride, as there was a minimum height requirement. 

We had expected to see various types of designs but only saw a Doraemon shaped hot air balloon from our car while we were heading there. My sister went to see the night show and saw all the different shaped hot air balloons except one. 

There were many booths set up there which was filled with various activities. 

Remote controlled boat
Wall climbing. Actually the person pulls the climber up the wall. He's not really climbing it.
Not sure what this is called. It seems there was someone flying with a child up there.

Flying in formation. Beautiful. 
I think this is called "Zorbing". People rolling around inside gigantic balls on the lake. 
There's a zip in there. The people step in through the opened zipper then it was zipped back and inflated into a ball. 
The long queue of people lining up for the zorbing. 
My boys were amused to see people wearing these gigantic balls and bumping into each other.  
There are people inside each of these balls. They were rolled up the slope and then released to roll down the slope.

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