13.3.11: KL International Dragon Boat Festival 2011

We went to see the KL International Dragon Boat Festival 2011 which was held at Kepong Metropolitan Park. Although I knew the directions, from MRR2, I decided to use another route to go there and depended on my GPS. My GPS brought us into Jinjang, through the housing estate and the road got smaller and smaller,       until it looked very risky to go through as the area was quite isolated. Finally, we backtracked and decided to use the MRR2 instead. What a waste of time.

Anyway, when we reached the entrance to Kepong Metropolitan park, only a small banner was put up outside the entrance. There were still many parking spots, although this place has limited parking. We walked in and found that the event had started. This was the second day.

The boys were more interested to play in the playground, so we let them play and then went to watch the dragon boat race. What a shame, it was such a low-key event and under promoted that not many people were interested to watch it, although there some participants from other neighbouring countries such as Indonesia. Some families were just at the playground or just doing their own things.

Participants getting onto the boat

Mmmmm, yummy!

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