16.3.11 - Dinos Alive Exhibition @ National Science Centre

We were at the National Science Centre yesterday, when I came across the schedule of activities for the school holidays. They had the theme "Festival with the Dinosaurs" and had several activities during the school holiday period. I saw that they had a "Build a Robot Bug" activity, and decided to bring my boys to join in the next day. As it was part of the Dinosaur Festival programme, we had to pay the entrance fees for the Dinos Alive exhibition. It was RM10 for adults and RM5 for children (age 4 - 17 years).

We arrived at 12.45 pm and fortunately got a parking spot near to the main building of the National Science Centre. The place was packed with children and adults and very, very noisy, as the science centre also played loud 'dinosaur' noises. It was very jarring to the ears. I personally felt that it was too loud for comfort and not conducive for children. I guess, they wanted to create the 'atmosphere' by increasing the volume.

We went to Level 2 to see the dinosaur exhibition. However, the boys refused to enter. They felt scared as the venue was dark and was filled with loud dinosaur noises. Hence, I went in alone and just snapped some photographs and later showed them the pictures.

After that, the boys played at the kiddie zone at the ground floor.

Then, we went for the activity to "Make a Robot Bug" which was held at Level 2. 

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