12.1.12 - Visit to Gardenia Bread Factory

We went on a field trip to Gardenia Bread Factory which was located at Jalan Pelabur 23/1 in Shah Alam. The whole visit took 1.5 hours.
At the entrance of Gardenia
Briefing by a Gardenia staff
We started with a briefing by a Gardenia staff. After that, we were shown a video clip about Gardenia. Then, we were brought in to see the factory. No photography was allowed. We watched from a viewing place from another floor. It was quite an experience being able to see those large machines and loaves of bread arranged neatly. I felt that the machine noise was quite loud and wondered how the workers bear with it, day in and day out.
The attendees were treated to waffles after the visit to the factory
We were given a goodie bag each
Our goodies - for the 4 of us. Thanks Gardenia!

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