14.1.12 - Camping in Gopeng

After finishing my work, we left for Gopeng around 2 pm+ for a camping trip with some friends. We reached there around 5 pm. We initially wanted to camp beside Gua Tempurung, but there wasn't any shelter there (it was an open area, and thus quite hot). The group settled for camping in another spot after Gua Tempurung. To get there, we had to drive right in front of Gua Tempurung and take a small path that leads into the kampung area. It belongs to a family who's living there and they set up the area as a camping ground. It's located just next to Earth Camp, which we stayed overnight at last year.

The boys took turns to pump the air bed. 
The boys took turns to pump the air bed.
Our camping spot
Shortcut - we just reheated the fried rice which we had cooked back home
Having their dinner
After dinner, the kids put up a presentation. They even had a 'curtain' which could be pulled to open or close. 
Brushing their teeth

At night, the boys took so long to fall asleep as it was hot inside the tent (luckily I had brought a battery operated hand fan which I had bought from Daiso. Even though it was small, it still gave us some air circulation inside the stuffy tent. The boys insisted that I read them books in the dark tent, with my torchlight. Finally, they fell asleep, after more than an hour. 

Before dawn, at around 5 am, it started to rain. I reached out and touch the sides of tent. Our tent was leaking!! It continued drizzling the next morning. We packed up in the rain, as it didn't seem to abate. I saw something orange moving in one o the tent's folds, as we started to fold the tent. It was a good thing I saw it, as it turned out to be an orange coloured large centipede which had many legs and wriggled very fast. It was the largest I have ever seen.   

I plan to get a better quality 6-person tent, that is waterproof, with 2 window / doors, so that it is more spacious and there is more air flow. I am still looking around. There doesn't seem to be much choices or many outlets selling it here. If you have any recommendations, do share. 


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