5.2.12 - Pengkalan Balak Beach

We wanted to go to Tg. Bidara beach, but the sign led us to Terendak Camp, so we made a U-turn and went to Pengkalan Balak Beach in Masjid Tanah. It was about 35 km from Melaka town, but it took us an hour, as it we had to drive through the countryside.
Of all the places, they love the beach the most. Maybe it's because it's a sensory activity and they can be hands-on when they play with sand and water. They were in a world of their own,  pretending they were operating an excavator, dump truck, bulldozer, etc. Never mind that the excavator has lost its wheels years ago and the toy vehicles are not battery operated. 
Operating the digger and bulldozer
Pouring sand into the dump truck

The beach sand is dark brown and quite rough
The Banana Boat ride. When the rider on the jetski wants to bring the people back , he would make a sharp turn as he approaches the beach and they all fall into the water. 

When I first saw this 'pacat' (leech) on the sand, wriggling and writhing, I thought I was just imagining and that it was just a worm. I didn't know that they can also be found at the beach, which has salty water. I thought leech were afraid of salt or would die if they touched salt. Our doubts were confirmed when we soon found another 3 more - hubby found one on his shirt, and I found one on the mat we were sitting on. They must have come from the tree were were sitting under. 

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