4.2.12 - Sunset at Kota Laksamana seafront, Melaka

We went to Melaka during the long Chap Goh Mei weekend. They boys insisted to go to the beach although we had planned a visit to the beach the next day. Finally,  I brought them to the nearest beach,  which was just behind Grandpa and Grandma's house, at the Kota Laksamana Seafront. Well, it's not really a beach. It's more like reclaimed land, but it will do to serve as a beach. Many people were enjoying the sea breeze, some were playing kites, and couples, groups and families could be seen enjoying the fresh air there. 
They wanted to walk barefooted, but there were glass shards and sharp objects in the sand, so I asked them to wear their shoes again. 

I saw a small rat and hubby saw a larger rat running around in between these boulders (wave breakers). 
The boys collected pinecones
The beautiful sunset view

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