15.1.12 - Lost World of Tambun

After packing up our belongings in the drizzling rain, we drove to Tambun for a visit to the Lost World and an overnight stay at the Lost World Hotel, Tambun, Perak. I had bought this package from Groupon at RM360 (valued at RM618), for a 2D1N Stay for 2 adults & 2 children + Hot Springs & Spa + Theme Park + Breakfast.
The Lost World hotel with its backdrop shrouded in mist. 
Statues of cats at the entrance

The entrance of Lost World of Tambun. There's a separate counter for hotel guests.
Entrance fees.

We had to pay RM10 as deposit for a wristband each which is refunded when we return it. 

After entering, we had our bags checked for food and water (Strictly no food and water allowed). After that, a group of 3 people wearing the Lost World "uniform" told us that they wanted to take our photo. "Snap photo free" they said. We didn't believe and asked again, and they all nodded their heads. "Free" they said. So, we allowed them to take our photo. After that, I immediately went to the counter to claim my photo, and the woman there said I had to pay a fee. I think it was around RM30 per photo. How unscrupulous, trying to deceive customers like this! Snapping the photo is free, but if you want the photo, you have to pay for it. I told them to delete my photo from their digital camera and the man with the camera made a sulky face and pressed a button to delete it. This experience gave us a bad impression of the place, and just as we were entering the theme park too! 

We visited the Petting Zoo first.

The macaw bird kissed E's face (actually, it licked his face). It's tongue is black. 

This was the only animal they petted. Some of the animals like the hedgehogs and hamsters were asleep, and it would be cruel to pet them. Some of the enclosures had nothing in it. 
The boys can read the map quite well and can spot where we were on the map
The swans swam with each other and made a heart shape - I never knew that swans did this in real life. I've only seen such pictures in drawings. 
We were early and didn't get to sit on the tram as it started operating at 12 pm
There was no one manning this carousel, so the boys didn't get to sit this. 
We had lunch at the Wave Restaurant. After that, we went to the water park. The boys enjoyed the waterpark the most. Now, that I know that they enjoy this, I can bring them to more waterpark in the future. In fact, E was no longer afraid of the water. Now he is comfortable and enjoys himself in the water.     

We only went to the small water slide and not the large one. 

At night, we visited the Hot Springs. Actually, it is also available in the daytime, but there is a different charge if you come in at night. 

Upon reflection, I felt that this package from Groupon at RM360 was a tad pricey, as we didn't managed to explore everything in the theme park (some weren't operating) and also the boys got tired. Hence, we went to check-in into the Lost World hotel instead. It would be of more value if the kids were bigger and could explore more things there. 

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  1. Hi, I am going to pay visit in Lost world of Tambun soon, so please allow me to ask some question, heehe

    The wave restaurant's food afforable? around how much?

    I also bought the ticket from Groupon, you say that its a little pricey, can I know what didn't operating?

    finally, I hope u can reply me in my email here.

    thank you!


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