7.2.12 - Da Vinci Exhibition

We went to the Da Vinci Exhibition in The Mines Exhibition Centre. It was Thaipusam and thus, a public holiday. My friends preferred to go on a weekday, as they had expected it to be packed with people on a public holiday.

However, when we were there, the place was so quiet. There was hardly anyone around. We bought our tickets, RM28 for adult and RM15 for children 4 years and above. It cost RM71 for the 4 of us. No photography was allowed inside.

A few other families trickled in after us. Although it was a small place and there weren't many models as I had expected, my boys enjoyed themselves there. They liked looking at the various invention and played with those that were allowed to be handled (manipulated). The visit took us less than an hour.

After that, we walked over to The Mines for lunch. We tried to find the connecting bridge that connected MIECC with The Mines. However, as there was no one around inside that area of the building, we felt that it was unsafe to proceed that way. We turned back to exit the MIECC building and walk across to The Mines from the car park area. After lunch, we visited the Splash Park. Unfortunately, a part of the park (pic below) was closed for maintenance work. Thus, the boys only played on the slides. They didn't want to play in the shallow wading pool as they preferred a deeper pool.
Pity this was closed for maintenance that day

As we walked out to the car park, we found that it was raining. I followed the GPS to find my way home and it brought us back via a longer way. I wish it could be programmed to return using the way we came from earlier. 

The exhibition opened their eyes somewhat and exposed them to inventions. When we got back, S drew some of his inventions and created his own inventions with his lego toys. (Whether it works or not, it doesn't matter. Even Leornado Da Vinci invented things which didn't work.) Since then, S has come up with new inventions, not just car designs. 

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