We went to Borders bookstore at The Curve yesterday. The kids like to read books about trucks. I initially wanted to bring them to the children's library at TTDI. I went to check the library out, but I found the books not so suitable for them yet. There were not many toddler books. There were more books for older children. In comparison, our home library had more interesting and newer books. There was a certain "library smell" about the place, which brought me back to my university days, when I used to visit the library. The library required everyone to be silent. At this age, the library would still not be a conducive place for them to go as they are unable to keep quiet for a certain period of time. Perhaps, when they are older.

Matching the wheels to the trucks - he got all correct!
Borders bookstore would be a good place to check the books out. Sometimes they will display children books at promotional price. However, the normal price of books in Malaysia can be quite daunting. Children board books can be quite expensive.

Some time ago, I purchased some children VCDs at Borders. It was priced at RM5.00. Normal price: RM14.90. I felt that that was quite a good purchase. If I'm lucky, I can get some children VCDs during the Borders'  buy 1 free 1 promotion.

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