Maxamec Construction Toy

A car

I got the Maxamec Construction toy - an award winning toy from Sweden for the kids. I'm hoping that this is the last toy that I get for them, as this toy will be able to grow with them. It's is said that kids up to 12 years old can play with them.

Initially, I was searching for a construction toy they can play with and I find that they are not ready for the small sized legos yet. I got some previously, but the children kept dismantling the parts, and some of it got lost. So, this construction toy was perfect as it is large in size.

At this age, they are still young and are unable to assemble it yet according to instructions. Anyhow, they were efficient at dismantling the structure to build a new one.

They loved looking at the instruction manual and selecting an model to build. They would then pester me to build it. While I am building it, in between, S would change his mind and ask me to something else. I had to put my stand, otherwise, there is no end to making this! It is quite time consuming to make a model, so I try not to change the models too frequently.

A scooter

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