I was pondering about making a larger sandpit for the children in the garden and putting sand where there is soil and grass now. However, there are always stray cats around in my neighbourhood, and I'm worried that they might use my children's sandbox as their toilet. There was once where my previous "sandpool" smelt like cat urine. After that, I threw the sand away and got new sand. I needed to make sure that the sand box was covered, so that the rain or stray cats or other insects / small animals don't get in. However, when I covered it and left it for some time, some parts of the sand turned green (I think it was moss) due to high humidity from the rain and sun in Malaysia.

For a change, I temporarily put sand into their plastic kiddie pool, so that they have a larger "sandbox" to play in. After the play, we put the sand back into it's original place and cleaned up the kiddie pool. I always wondered how other people especially in other countries can have large sandpits to play in. Maybe there are no stray cats around.

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