Clay Dough

As a holistic therapist who uses clay for therapy, I had lots of clay ("tanah liat" - used to make pottery) lying around the house. It had never occurred to me to do cookie cutter shapes with clay. Today, I had the inspiration to use clay the way other people use playdough. I had made playdough from flour several times before, but they were quite sticky and couldn't cut well when using the cookie cutter. Somehow I couldn't get the recipe right.

On the other hand, except for the absence of bright stimulating colours, clay was perfect! I got out the clay and brought out a rolling pin and a cutting board and cookie cutters.

S made monster trucks from the clay. After that we used it for counting:
1. The number of trucks
2. The number of wheels on each truck (2 in this case, and not 4 like the real truck)
3. The total number of wheels
4. Identify the truck with the smallest, medium sized and largest wheel.

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