16.7.11: Bee Farm Cameron Highlands

We went to a Highlands Apiary bee farm at Cameron Highlands. I read online that there were several bee farms in Cameron Highlands and we just visited the first bee farm that we came across. This bee farm was situated nearer to the foothill of Cameron Highlands. It's not high up at the peak. 

We were greeted by beautiful flowers when we walked in. 
He appreciates flowers
Most of the farms in the area grew strawberries. So did this bee farm. 
Looking at strawberries.
After climbing up a number of steps, we saw the bees. They were flying freely. A sign told us to beware of the bees and it is our personal risk. Hence, we just watched from a distance.
How do the bees make the honeycomb?
We visited the shop attached which was selling honey and related products. They even sold honey in honeycombs. 

Now, I wonder how bees made honeycomb. At first, I thought it was man-made. Then, I googled it up and found this website: http://www.honey-for-health.com/how-bees-make-honeycomb.html . I learnt that hundreds of bees set about building a comb from 3 or 4 different places. The continue building until they meet in the middle and they make the honeycomb without any imperfection. 

Here's an informational video on how bees produce honey that I found on YouTube. 

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