17.7.11: Time Tunnel Gallery

We also visited the Time Tunnel Gallery, which is a museum that housed a collection of items from the past. Entrance fee was RM5 per adult and RM3 for children below 12 years old. My boys, still young were allowed in free. The place brought back some memories.

I remember sitting in a trishaw with my mother around Malacca when I was 6 years old. I didn't realise it was so narrow
 My dad made me a similar wooden rocking horse when I was little. When I grew up, I completely forgot about it and it must have been discarded along the way.

Trying out a water pump. In the earlier days, they didn't have piped water. 
I remember seeing this when I was little. I forgot what it was for. 

Trying their hand out at the telephone in the 1980's. 

Baby walker
Baby chair made of bamboo. 
In the past, a lot of natural materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan were used to make toys. It was much better then, with natural materials. Nowadays, it's mostly plastic.

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