17.7.11: Big Red Strawberry Farm

In the morning, we went to the Big Red Strawberry Farm. It is branded it as Taman Agro Tourism. It was beside Cactus Valley. We parked near Cactus Valley and walked in, as we didn't know that there was more parking inside and nearer to the strawberry farm and they actually had 200 parking spaces.
Entrance was FOC. 
Koi pond at the entrance
There were cacti there.
It was a large place and we could see beautiful vegetables growing there. So beautiful, so perfect, that I began to wonder if any pesticide was used. I only saw those sticky insect mats that were pasted onto posts there and it had many insects stuck to it.   

My favourite vegetable - green coral. Now I know that those  green corals that I buy in the supermarket comes from Cameron Highlands. 
White radish. Wish I can plant this at home. It doesn't take up much space.
I bought some vegetables. 1 packet of vegetables such as green coral or butterhead, etc was sold for RM2 and 3 packets for RM5. It was a good price.

There was even a place with all these coin-slot kiddie rides. 
The strawberries are not so red anymore.
Small tiny plants sprouting in tiny pots. 
Visitors are allowed to pick strawberries for a fee. Strictly applicable for 10 years and above. 

These bunch of grapes were growing on the canopy walkway above us.  
Tomato plants
Juicy tomatoes
There were also pots of beautiful flowers being sold there. I wanted to buy some potted plants but was afraid that they wouldn't live in our hot climate in KL. 

Looking at the various types of flowers

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