28.7.11: Visit to Soya Sauce factory

In the afternoon, we went for a field trip to Sun Kwong Chun Soya Sauce Factory in Sungai Buloh. It was difficult to find the place as the directions given to us weren't clear. After getting lost for 30 minutes, we finally found the place. The folks there had prepared some fried chicken for the attendees to taste with their sauce.
The sauces that they produce - Soya sauce, garlic chilli sauce, plum sauce. 
The soya beans were first cooked in this huge pot. It's the biggest pot we have ever seen. There were steps leading to the pot, as the bottom half of the pot is embedded in the cement block. 

The cooked soya beans were then soaked in these fibre glass containers together with water and salt for several months. After that, they will acquire the soy sauce through a pipe at the side of the container. This is considered premium soy sauce. Subsequently, water and salt is added for 4 more times and harvested and later sold to restaurants. The leftover is sold as animal feed or discarded.

Many parents and children listening to the briefing.

Tauchu was stored in those containers.

Bottles and bottles of soya sauce
We bought soya sauce, plum sauce and garlic chilli sauce after the tour and everyone was given a small bottle of soya sauce as a gift.

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