17.7.11: Overnight in Cameron Highlands

After leaving Trolak at around 1 pm, we headed for Cameron Highlands. The road was winding and narrow. I hadn't realised that it would take quite a long time to reach Brinchang in Cameron Highlands from Tapah.

We saw many land rovers in Cameron Highlands and they had the word CH on it, for Cameron Highlands. We was the following land rover at Tanah Rata.

S asked, "Mummy, why is the land rover so old?"

On the way, we stopped at the Bharat Tea Plantation. Many people stopped to drink tea here and we did the same. We ordered a pot of Cameron Valley tea for RM7.50. I mistakenly thought that Cameron Highland tea would taste better, but there wasn't much difference from any other normal brand of tea. When we reached our hotel, we found that the hotel room also provided us tea bags with the same brand of tea. Lesson learnt.
We enjoyed the scenic view of the tea plantation

We also stopped at the Bee Farm. I will write about it in a separate posting here.

Finally, at 4 pm, we reached our destination. We stayed at Rosa Passadena in Cameron Highlands as it had more attractive rates compared to the other hotels and some people had recommended it on their blogs. However, I was slightly disappointed as the room was smaller than I thought and safety was a concern.

We stayed on the 3rd floor and it was very dangerous for small children, as the windows opened outwards and there wasn't any window grilles in place. How can this be allowed? At least, some personal safety mechanisms should be in place, more so, in a hotel. We ended up closing the windows at night, for safety reasons, compromising on the stuffiness.

I was surprised that Cameron Highlands wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. I had read the weather forecast that the temperature in Cameron Highlands would be around 19 celcius and had expected it to be cold, but when we reached at 4 pm, it wasn't cold at all. Furthermore there wasn't any mist at all, unlike Genting Highlands. However, at night time, it was chilly, when the wind blew. 

The good thing about staying here is that the Brinchang night market was nearby. It is open on Friday and Saturday evenings. At 5.30 pm, we walked out to the pasar malam. It was just a 10 minutes walk away from the hotel. We passed by the colourful Fire Department on the way to the Brinchang night market.
The colourful fire department. 

There were many stalls, any many of them sold the same things. We bought strawberries (3 packets for RM10) and was told by the seller that it could last. E at some that night. He loved the strawberries. However, when we brought them home the next day, quite a lot had spoilt. 

I bought a pair of leggings for only RM5. Toe socks were sold at RM4 per pair and 3 for RM10.  

We had dinner at an organic steamboat restaurant. There were many steamboat restaurants in Brinchang itself. I had never seen so many steamboat restaurants in one place. They had vegetarian steamboat on the menu at RM19 per person, and we ordered it. Ordering for 2 persons was more than enough for us. After enjoying our meal, we came across some cuttlefish in the soup, and then realised that the soup base wasn't vegetarian after all. Anyhow, since I was a flexible vegetarians (flexi-tarian), I didn't mind it, but it is actually misleading to name it vegetarian steamboat, when the soup isn't. The steamboat was delicious, but then my stomach started churning when I reached the hotel, as though I had some stomach upset.

E who is not a picky eater, ate his vegetables - broccoli, carrot and  taufu
S who is more picky, hardly ate and ended up making designs of monster trucks with the plates and toothpicks. 
E followed suit and made a house design with toothpicks. 
S made an ichthyosaur dinosaur. He actually remembered how they looked like. I couldn't remember and finally found the resemblance only when I googled it up. Notice the resemblance with the ichthyosaur below?

Ichthyosaur. Image from: http://www.wpclipart.com

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