2.8.11: Kiara Park

In the morning, we went over to Lembah Kiara Recreational Park in TTDI again. This time, we brought our bicycle along. The boys took turns to cycle.

Collecting dried pea pods
When we were by the stream, we heard noises in the distance, behind the playground area. From far, I could see a group of monkeys gathering. There were more and more of them all in one group and making a lot of noise. Suddenly, the group of monkeys ran towards the railing at the end of the lake and sat there and some even tried to chase two women who were passing by. I was worried for the to women and for us, in case the monkeys decided to come after us. Fortunately, they did not. The monkeys disappeared as mysteriously as they appeared. 

We continued with our walk and later stopped by the playground. By then, it was hot from the sun.

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