16.7.11: Outdoor learning

Here's what we did during our stay at Felda Residence Trolak. Discounting the room that we stayed in, it was a nice green place, albeit a little run down in some places.

Played at the playground which was a little run-down

They learned about flowers and how it is small, (sometimes yellowish-green) and in a bud, before it blooms. They learned about the creatures that eat nectar from the flowers.  

Pretending that the yellow flower is a bee and going from flower to flower. I always teach them to pick up fallen flowers from the ground, and not to pluck any live flowers from a growing plant. I'm glad to say that they haven't plucked any live flower yet
Nature treasure hunt
The boys collected pine cones. They counted them and learned some addition. 
E decided to trace the outline of a leaf
Cicada. We saw 2 during our stay there. 
S says that these trees are like ice-cream popsicles

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