18.8.11: Felda Residence Trolak

We went to Felda Residence Trolak again. This time, we got Room 117, a family room. I was relieved that this room is much better than our earlier experience in Room 102. Read our earlier experience here. I caught a whiff of that sweet smelling scent again, which seemed to come in intermittently. Having a sensitive nose, I couldn't tolerate certain chemical smells, and it sometimes gave me headaches. I looked up and saw that there was an electronic air-freshener spray that was emitting the smell. I went to the reception and asked them to unplug the device. After that, I could breathe easily again.

There was a lot of green grass in Felda Residence. This was nearby our room. The boys went and collected pinecones. 

In the evening, we drove out to the Felda Residence Hot Springs. It was cloudy when we headed there, and after 20 minutes of driving, we arrived there. To our disappointment, it started raining the moment we arrived there. Hence, we decided to come again the next morning. On our way back, the sun came up and it was sunny again. 

I decided to go to Felda Trolak Selatan to see their shoe processing factory, that I had read about on the Felda Residence's website. 
It was 4.30 pm when we arrived and the workshop was closed. Also, they could have closed early as it was Ramadhan month. There was a Ramadhan bazaar outside, and everyone stared at us as we walked into the compound of the shoe workshop. Have they never seen people like us? There were some shoes displayed outside for sale, but there weren't many choices. It seemed to be a small cottage industry. I bought a pair of sandals for RM10. The person in charge of the shoes was away, so we paid to a lady who would kindly pass it to the person.  

After that, we drove back to Felda Residence. This time, we had brought a bicycle along, and the boys rode the bicycle. 
Giving a push

It was difficult for the boys to cycle on the grass, so we moved onto the badminton court beside it. However, there was a lot of large red ants there. 

Subsequently, we went back, and had our dinner that we bought at the Ramadhan bazaar. 
E honing his skill of jumping that he learnt from his elder brother. I also think that watching the African children's kung fu performance a few days ago also influenced him to jump like this.  

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