14.8.11: Cultural & Shaolin Kung Fu Performance by African orphans

We attended this Cultural & Shaolin Kung Fu Performance by African orphans. It was held in HGH Convention Centre, Sentul, as part of the Seeds of Love Cultural Exchange Tour 2011. 
3000 out of 1 million orphans (whose parents have died of AIDS) have been adopted by Amituofo Care Centre (ACC) in Africa. The driving force behind this is Ven. Hui Li, a Taiwanese monk. These orphans are provided with an environment in which they receive love, education and hope for their future. The charity tour is to raise funds for the ACC to carry on with their work of caring for these orphans.(http://www.acc.org.tw/) . The children's performance were impressive. We were told that they were taught kung fu in order to boost their immune system.

Thousand hands Quan Yin dance

This boy is hung by a steel bowl stuck to his belly. Amazing!
This is another boy. 
The children singing 'Rasa Sayang  Eh' song
Below are some youtube videos about the African orphans. 
 Video: Master Hui Li and his Kung Fu kids

Video: Shaolin display of the children of Amitofo Care Centre in Malawi

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