21.8.11 - Lake Gardens

We went to the National Library in the morning and after that, we made a visit to Lake Gardens. There was a lack of car park spaces, so we drove right in and parked at the parking lot near the old playground area. Then we walked right up to the end of Lake Gardens where the new playground was.
We passed by a very large tree.
On the way we passed by this herb garden, but we didn't have the time to explore it. Will check it out the next time.

Nice scenery

The boys went to play at the playground area.
It was a large playground area with various playground equipment . 
Checking out the pond

A stegosaurus with 'plates' on its back
I saw something fluttering, falling from a tree, in front of me and thought it was a butterfly.
Actually it was this seed, with wings. The ground was scattered with these white seeds with wings. We lifted the seeds high and threw them to the ground, watching it flutter gently to the ground.
Collecting flowers
Large cute cartoon dinosaur figure placed in the middle of a grassy field
Palm oil seeds. E picked one up and squashed it, only to find his hand all oily. 
This nice landscaped garden had a jungle feel to it.

After that, we waited for the tram.
While waiting, E took off his shoes to feel the grass beneath his feet. How I wish we had a nice lawn to walk barefeet!
We boarded the tram. We were told to pay for the tickets at the next stop. Rates were RM0.50 per person. No charge for E. 

It was quite a long ride and we saw many aspects of Lake Gardens that we had not explored before. I hadn't realised that Lake Gardens was so large.
Below are some of the pictures I took while we were in the moving tram.

A bride having a photoshoot

A man-made waterfall.

The tram went out of Lake Gardens and onto the road, and in between traffic. It passed by the National Planetarium, KL Bird Park, etc in a large loop and finally back to where we boarded. 

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