29.8.11 - Kota Laksamana Seafront

In the evening, we went out to Kota Laksamana seafront. The cleanliness of the place had deteriorated compared to the time we last went, a year ago. After a year, we found that grass had colonized the sand. E wanted to take off his shoe and walk on the sand, but I disallowed him as there were broken pieces of glass and debris and rubbish strewn on the sand. Not a safe place to go barefeet. Things were better and the place was cleaner a year ago.

We crossed the road to the field opposite were people were playing kites. We thought of getting a kite, but due to the Hari Raya long holiday, there weren't many choices of kites for sale there. So, we didn't get any.

An eagle kite 

There was rubbish strewn everywhere on the field. There were many satay sticks on the ground. The boys did the best of the situation by drawing in the sand with a plastic pick they found on the ground.  

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